28 on the 28th with many mates and cam’s group show in Cardiff!

felt very lucky to start my 28th birthday on the 28th with these two lovely ladies (and E Powell), from here I went to Camilla’s house in Streatham – it’s called “Gothic Lodge” and has its own grotto (you can see Camilla, Penny and Olga in there below). After having a wonderful breakfast with those lovely ladies I met Latham, Abbie and Mick to get the MEGAbus to Cardiff. Unfortunately I sneezed the whole way to Cardiff, but did have a good nap and peruse of the countryside. Cam met us in Cardiff, and then it was to Gallery ‘G39’ for the group show ‘GOLDEN ROD: Adorned Log’, which Cam had two pieces in – updates should follow soon on TRFF. Had a fun evening here and then about Cardiff with the great crew that came along – including Yvette, Guthrie and Morri – thanks for joyous birthday times!