Lady day


First day of unemployment, Tyler and I were straight to the beauty salon to get our nails done. Lady day!

Finale Tommy sunset

12_tommyLast snap out the office window at Tommy Hilfiger for me, after 10 months working in the digital team. Thanks heaps for the opportunities and insight into the world of digital marketing!

Franc and Laura in town

11_francLauzHad last European supper with Franc and Laura for a while, so nice to have some more time together in Amsterdam before our departure!

Burgers attack


Burgers of all varieties were consumed this Monday eve to catch up with Laura and Franc who were visiting from Paris. Franc, Cam and Simone here enjoying the offerings.

Ten Kate Markt treats

08_tortillaEnjoying the last opportunities to enjoy the goods from our local market ‘Ten Kate Markt’. Treats include a plethora of hummus options, fresh OJ and homemade tortilla.

Schminky kind of halloween

31_readyTyler and I had a combined birthday/halloween celebration, where we became good friends with ‘schmink’ (aka face paint)…

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Birthday treating

28_pastryI had a marvellous surprise with stupendous pastries on my birthday at Andrea’s place with Tegan, Cam and Andrea. Very tasty commencement!

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Tegan in town

25_teganHappy Amsterdam frolicking from cafe to bar to cafe with Andrea and Tegan this Saturday. Latei was a great spot for apple pie in the middle of Amsterdam, with the added bonus of some second hand shopping.

Man Baby


We went for a Saturday bike through Beatrix park, and spotted sight of the Amsterdam man baby. This was our second encounter, just as surreal as the first time we saw him when Matt and Tracey visited us in March.