All seeing

An icon you can see from most places in Berlin, the tv tower is always watching.


That’s right Cam, coat, gloves , hat and scarf are esential items in such whiteness extravaganza. gut gemacht.

Berlin touchdown

Straight into cheap beers at  a local squat for first eve in Berlin. w/ Sun O))) beating down upon us.

Francais rendez-vous

Delightful three course dinner consumed and much catch up had for our final eve in London.

Homemade treats

Dins at Valleley’s pad. tasty lasagne and red wine pairings.


The U-tube, A staple part of london living.


Catching up with old friends from TGHS over some guiness.

Londington touchdown

Cam and Sking sharing some magical technological beer moments on our first night in town. There were more to come.


Strolled about MOMA on one of our last days in San Fran. First Tues of the month = free. This one was a stunner, MJ and Bubbles, together forever.